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DVD CARLOS LYRA - 50 YEARS OF BOSSA NOVA (2005) - Maria Lucia Rangel


"50 Anos de Música" is Carlos Lyra's first DVD. It commemorates what few artists can exhibit in such an important event: an entire repertory of classics, much over and beyond Bossa-Nova, a musical style to which he has been associated during the five decades which have changed the way of doing and thinking music in Brazil and throughout the world. To celebrate such occasion, Lyra will be rendered a tribute at Prêmio Shell (Shell Prize award), in November, and will be the star in the documentary "Coisa mais Linda" (Such a Beautiful Thing) about Bossa-Nova, directed by Paulo Thiago.

Quite often Lyra is considered - along with Tom Jobim - the greatest creator of Bossa-Nova melodies. Within his repertory are "Minha Namorada" (My Girl Friend), "Coisa mais Linda" (Such a beautiful thing), "Primavera" (Spring) - all those composed together with Vinicius de Moraes -; "Lobo bobo" (Big bad wolf), "Saudade fez um samba" ("Saudade"wrote a samba) - with Ronaldo Bôscoli - ; "O negócio é amar" (What counts is to love) - with Dolores Duran -; "Aruanda" - with Geraldo Vandré, and "Maria Ninguém" (Maria Nobody) and "Influência do jazz" (Influence of Jazz). The latter two ones composed entirely by him.

Directed by Jodele Larcher, this DVD was recorded in March 2004, at Canecão, in Rio. In it participated friends such as Marcos Valle ("Quem quiser encontrar o amor" - Those who wish to find love), Leny Andrade ("O negócio é amar"), João Donato ("Você e eu" - You and me; together with Emílio Santiago), Os Cariocas ("Mas também quem mandou" - But who told you to do that?; with Leo Gandelman's saxophone), Roberto Menescal and Wanda Sá ("Tem dó de mim" - Pity me).

Other generations pay tribute to Carlos Lyra, starting with Ivan Lins ("Canção que morre no ar" - Song that dies in the air) and Miúcha ("Sabe você?" - Do you know?), passing by the post-Bossa- Nova Leila Pinheiro ("Saudade fez um samba", "Se é tarde me perdoa"- Forgive me if I was late, "Lobo bobo"), until popstar Toni Garrido ("Samba do Carioca"). Quarteto em Cy appears with "Aruanda", and Antonio Adolfo joins his keyboard to Carlinhos' guitar in "Primavera"(Springtime).

Perpetuating the family clan, Lyra's daughter Kay and nephew Cláudio reinvigorate energies with "Pode ir" (You may go), and "O Barco e a Vela" (The Boat and the Sail), - the latter one written also by Cláudio Lyra -. Even the comedian Chico Caruso graces us with his amusing presence in the astonishing "Comedor de giletes" (Razor blade eater), a little known piece, made by Lyra in partnership with Vinicius.

Together with a band composed by Helvius Vilela (acoustic piano), Adriano Giffoni (bass), Dirceu Leite (wind instruments), and Ricardo Costa (drums), Carlos Lyra commands "Minha namorada" (My Girl friend), "Quando chegares" (When you arrive), "Um abraço no João" (Give João a hug), "Se quiseres chorar" (If you want to cry), "Maria Ninguém", "Coisa mais Linda", "Maria Moita", "Gente do morro", "Sambalanço".

At the end, Menescal, Wanda and Leila join him to sing "Benção bossa-nova" (Bossa nova, give us your blessing), before rendering the glorious finale "Marcha da quarta-feira de cinzas" (Ash Wednesday march) with all guests on the stage, materializing thus the lyrics of Vinicius de Moraes. Carlos Lyra, the perfect partner, combines again action with feelings.

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