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By Maria Clara Machado

Music by Carlos Lyra

This play was first staged by TABLADO in 1961, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the group. Sets were designed by Ana Letycia; costumes by Kalma Murtinho; music by Carlos Lyra; lighting designed by Fernando Pamplona; cakes and other props by Marie Louise e Dirceu Nery, the assistant director was Vânia Leão Teixeira; stage manager was Paulo Mathias da Costa; Martha Rosman on piano; Carlos Guimarães on flute; Leo Castro Neves on drums; sound effects by Edelvira Fernandez; make-up designed by Fred Amaral; head electrician, Darcy Borba; sets built by Jardel; program designed by Vera Tormenta and Marcelino Goulart. Cast of Character: Cosme, Paulo Nolasco; Damião, Anthero de Oliveira; Maroquinhas Fru-Fru, Maria Miranda; Bolandina, Jaqueline Laurence; Family Flores, Heloísa Guimarães, Virgínia Vali, Celina Whately; the judges, José Antônio Fernandes, Teresa Redig de Campos, Sérgio Tapajós, Ariel Miranda; the Sexton, Hélio Ary; Ubaldino Pepitas, Olmey Barrocas. General Direction and Staging, Maria Clara Machado. Rio de Janeiro, 1961.

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