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LP CARLOS LYRA (1961) - Vinícius de Moraes


It’s not by mere chance that the carioca Carlos Lyra is unanimously considered one the great in the movement conventionally called “bossa nova”. With a childhood vocation for music, playing guitar by ear, at age 19 he had his first hit recorded: the samba “Menina”, voted one of the best of 1955 by the press.

Other songs would follow. “Lobo bobo” and “Saudade fez um samba”, written with Ronaldo Bôscoli, “Maria Ninguém”, entirely his, with a very personalized interpretation by Joăo Gilberto, these undeniably imposed the Carlos Lyra style: modern sambas with the new swing, but very definitely Brazilian, and very well constructed from the point of view of form. In this respect, Carlos Lyra, among title-bearers of bossa nova, is certainly the most classic composer. His formal rigor which could in the future constitute a danger, has till now merely indicated the seriousness with which he regards his musical mission.

Carlinhos Lyra belongs to that which we could call the “most nationalistic branch of bossa nova”.

Vinícius de Moraes

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