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LP BOSSA NOVA CARLOS LYRA (1959) - Ary Barroso


I could start this back cover presenting the first LP of Carlinhos Lyra in the following manner: - But, you’d say, what significance does a composer of the so-called B.N. (bossa nova) have for the confused life of M.P.B.? I would reply, or better, I will reply, or better yet, I reply: it is of merit for the expression of a young talent who runs after the fulfillment of a dream. Dream, no; of a longing; No, not a longing; of a vocation. That’s it! Fulfillment of a vocation!

Carlinhos, however, didn’t allow himself to be led around the roads of music like a child led by the hand of a nanny! (Nanny, in this case, is “vocation”). Carlinhos goes with her on his artistic outings, on his musical outings, but the one choosing the directing and the sense of the landscape is he himself. He is a boy of bossa. Therefore, he is of bossa nova (B.N.).

I heard his songs. You, listener friend, who has also heard them, will see that we are tuned to the same diapason: Carlinhos is a good composer and does everything fine and his own – which I regard very important.
Let’s let him continue his outings with his nanny. We’ll talk later. And I won’t die before I see the name and the work of this boy of bossa and talent among the “greatest” on our honor roll of Brazilian Popular Music.

Ary Barroso

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